BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd(BBCA Biochemical)

BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd   (hereinafter "the Company") was founded in August, 1998. It’s a large-scale agricultural products deep-processing enterprise. By 2002, the company has built 2 million tons / year deep processing base of corn, was China 's largest corn deep - processing enterprises.

After the equity change and industrial upgrading, the company created new bio-chemical and  bio new materials projects in Anhui Guzhen BBCA bio-industrial base,using high-tech transformation of traditional bio-industry, focusing on the development of bio-new materials polylactic acid products and produce amino acids, organic acid series, planning about 3 years to complete the company listed target.

BBCA Biochemical will put into production lysine, alanine and threonine products in September 2017 , use the high-acid bacteria which have BBCA independent intellectual property rights, apply the latest extraction technology and equipment, supporting self-owned power plant and integrated environmental protection plant, market competitiveness is outstanding.

BBCA Biochemical will complete the L-lactic acid and L-malic acid project construction in 2018.L-lactic acid is widely used in the field of food, and is the most market potential of new biological materials polylactic acid raw materials.Malic acid is mainly used benzene as raw material, and use chemical synthesis path to produce DL-malic acid. Use corn as raw material is more environmentally and health, it can be widely replaced citric acid products in the future,and has great potential market.

Biomaterials Polylactic acid (PLA), with environmental protection, non-toxic, antibacterial, flame retardant, biodegradable and other characteristics, it can be a large-scale alternative to traditional petroleum-based chemical fiber fabrics (PET, etc.), chemical plastics (PE, PP, PVC, etc.). BBCA Biochemical made a major breakthrough in the polylactic acid production technology and downstream applications, polylactic acid costs already have the market competitiveness, promotes smoothly in downstream of textile and plastic products application. At present, the company is building the whole industry chain processing line of corn-lactic acid-lactide-polylactic acid in BBCA biological industry base of Anhui Guzhen and replicating the production capacity of polylactic acid as soon as possible. It will reach 1 million tons / year in 5 years.

BBCA is building a production base in the region with abundant agricultural resources in the world. It will continue to rapidly increase the production capacity of polylactic acid. The production will reach 10 million tons / year in 10 years. By 2030, the production of polylactic acid will reach 30 million tons / year,and sales per year were over 500 billion RMB.The large-scale application and development of polylactic acid will greatly improve the quality of daily life and realize the sustainable development of green economy.

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TEL: 86-552-4077111, 4099160

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