Shotcrete corn fiber(Corn gluten feed)

Shotcrete corn fiber is a byproduct of corn starch production. It is the outcome after corn germ and endosperm are removed and added corn syrup by the special production process and dried by contact drum. It contains strach, celloluse, polysaccharides, soluble proteins and degrading substances (peptides and various amino acids). In addition, it have high nutrition as it contains lactic acid, phytic acid, calcium magnesium salt and soluble sugar.

Product name

Corn fiber(Corn gluten feed)

Implementation standards

Q/0783JYM 002-2013



Product index

Physical index

Light yellow or tan fine bran , free of caking

Chemical index



Crude protein(dry basis),%


Crude ash (dry basis),%



Single feed can be used as feed raw materials


40㎏ woven bag, 680㎏ ton bag

quality guarantee period

One year

Storage conditions

Stored in a ventilated and dry place

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