BBCA Brazil St Paul Branch (Brazil St Paul)

BBCA Brazil St Paul Branch is the trading type branch of BBCA Brazil. It set up offices and warehouses in St Paul, Salto City, 180 kilometers from the port of Santos, convenient transportation, the main production area of Brazil to cover food and beverage and chemical industries.

BBCA  Group relies on bio manufacturing platform, sales group in amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and other products. At the same time, company is also agent of various food additives and feed additives, providing one-stop service for customers.

At present, the export business has developes rapidly, a large number of exports of Brazil high-quality beef, honey, Orange Juice foods such as raw materials, and the high cost-effective wood, paper pulp, leather and other resource products, received a warm welcome in the Chinese market.

Address:Av. Nove de Julho, n° 2050, Sala 88, BBCA Brazil SP Office, Vila Nova, Salto - SP, CEP: 13.321-010.

Tel: +55 (11) 4602 6363


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