BBFY Industrial USA Inc (Los Angeles,the USA)

BFY Industrial USA Inc. was founded in 2010, which is located in Los Angeles industry city, California, USA. This establishment has a convenient line of transportation as it resides only 50 km from Los Angeles Long Beach port.
BBFY Industrial USA Inc. is an integrated logistics trading company (transportation, warehouse and sales). The company is entirely committed to increase market share in USA with advantages of its high quality products and services. Also, it provides a sales platform for Chinese products to enter into US market. It mainly focuses on food additives, feed additives, chemical raw materials, etc. Its main product is organic acid, which has significant market share in USA.

BBFY Industrial USA Inc.: 21487 Ferrero Pkwy, Los Angeles industry city, California
Tel: 909-595-5599 
Fax: 909-595-2822 

BBFY Industrial USA Inc’s branch company-New Jersey Storage Company: 65 Clyde Road, Somerset, New Jersey, USA

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